The obsessive-compulsive musician, as his sister dubs him, Mick is always writing music. If he’s not recording in the studio, he’s singing into his phone an idea that just popped into his head and if he can’t do that, you can be sure he’s working out a song in his head while pretending to listen to what you’re saying. Just ask him to repeat any of it. He also never sleeps as the ideas seem to flood in most after midnight. The only time he’s not making music is when he’s at a show listening to it – the louder and harder the better.

His head has always been filled with music. He taught himself how to play guitar and basic piano and is the man behind three bands, each with a decidedly heavy sound: Smudge, Borzoi and the latest project, Supersonic Soul Machine with its first album nearing completion. He’s also solely responsible for getting his sister in front of the mike and for talking her into giving Sellaband a try. The crowdfunding site went nuts for their music, in record time collecting $50,000 for the duo to produce their album. They wrote, arranged and produced everything together with a few marvelous collaborators along the way. The rest is history and ready for you to give it a listen.