I started out as a model, walked the runways of fashion greats like Valentino, Dior and Chanel, appeared in movies and occasionally produce films, but music is my first love and biggest passion. It has fueled me ever since I can remember and gotten me through life’s roughest moments. But it took my brother Mick to get me to think of making music as a career, and I am ever grateful to him for doing so. He connected me with our guitar hero Maciej Sobczak, leader of the band Hot Water, who lives in our hometown Poznan and with whom I collaborated on my first recordings. We worked in a tiny basement studio.. or rather a basement, recording and re-recording tracks with great abandon and brain storming till the wee hours of the morning. There were musicians and friends flowing in and out of that underground day and night as we worked and it was electric, exciting and wildly satisfying. A few weeks later we might have looked rather pale and spent but we knew we had something special in our hands. We got together with the other members of Hot Water and began playing concerts performing the new material. Great fun was had by all so we kept playing and put on some pretty rockin’ concerts.

But then Mick and I collaborated on a song and found that writing together was the most natural way to do it. We read each other’s minds, laugh till our heads fall off (especially when we work till 4 am and get a bit hysterical towards the end) and know how to get the best out of each other. The fact we have the very same taste in music might have something to do with it. As does having to sit down to the same family table, no matter how big an argument we just had or how annoying Mick is being about me slacking for one little afternoon.. Bottom line is – when we get together we can’t stop making music.

I often get asked who my biggest musical influences are. I can’t really tell whose influences come through in my music, but everybody I have ever listened too, those I love especially, inspire me, and each piece of music stays with me in some way. I am crazy about Jeff Buckley, Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Lane Staley, Zero 7, Nouvelle Vague, Tina Dico, Chrissie Hynde, Ennio Morricone, Marek Grechuta, Chopin, Jimmy Hendrix, Ewa Demarczyk, Stone Temple Pilots, Deftones, Mike Patton, Bulat Okudzawa, Leszek Dlugosz, Maria Callas, Willie Nelson. That’s not all, but this is who is most often at the forefront of my mind.

Ok, enough said, now hit that PLAY button and let the music speak for itself.