Podworko and Other Magical places

10/09/2013 7:52 pm

Podworko is what we called Auntie Bietka’s back yard. She is this amazing country woman from Wroniawy near Wolsztyn, one year short of a century old, whose wit and simple wisdom are as sharp today as ever. Her little backyard was always covered with a carpet of chamomile flowers, their scent so beautiful and sweet, especially in the early evening. There were always chickens in Auntie Bietka’s podworko, dogs and cats and little kids from up and down the street. She used to bake the most unbelievable cakes. For a big city kid like myself a visit to Auntie Bietka’s podworko was a rare taste of the country, an insight into an old way of life almost completely gone away. One day I took photos of her yard and I am so glad I did, because she does not live there anymore but I can still see it and remember. The rest of the photos were taken on a trip from our Summer house in Poland to the seaside. The storks love that country and live in proud harmony with the local folk. You can’t see it so well here, but the wheat covered the fields with pure spun gold as far as the eye could see and it shone brightly in the sun. The most extraordinary sight.