Naturel Arts and Crafts For Kiddies

5 great nature arts and crafts, that may inspire you to build unique art pieces

The fantastic idea about employing nature-inspired products in your crafts is that the natural variations in colour, texture and size make for genuinely exceptional bits each time you will craft. Furthermore, you will adore the notion that you are helping preserve our society by simply utilizing the services and products.

Easy: Among the most widely used character crafts is to paint your garden with simple green and brown stripes or blossoms. This produces a very inviting sense which everyone likes to view within your own gardens. These stripes might be painted on any surface area, from concrete to glass, and they look fantastic.

Flowers: The most very simple idea of painting a blossom or two round the edges of the flower garden can be an easy solution to create an awareness of calmness . When the flowers are painted onto a face they get very simple to recognize and they’re a great deal more desirable than they were only on a flat walls .

Garden furnitureIt is likely to obtain a large variety of backyard home furniture which is made of wood or stone. By employing this sort of furniture into your garden you are not only going to decorate it, but you may additionally help conserve your own entire world.

Tree pruning: A number of the easiest pruning you can do would be to just cut back branches, notably ones which are overly tough. If you’re not sure about how to prune branches then you definitely may find some good help out of a friend who is seasoned in shrub maintenance.

Wild Berries: In case at any time you have witnessed berries that you know they’re excellent appearing! Perhaps not just do crazy berries appear beautiful in the very top of the bush, but they are also extremely nutritious. Simply make use of a wild berry spinner and also you are going to have lovely berry bush that will give you a lot of berries each day.

Cosmetic Toys: Children really like toys which they can employ to produce their very own one-of-a-kind planet. Exotic toys are great for kiddies to produce a special realm of the own.

Wild berries and blossoms may be used on nearly any piece of character art you have. Produce a smallworld in your own desk at work with a wild berry in addition to flowers at the bottom; utilize leaves on the edge of your desk; utilize branches and trees around your house; or use nuts berries to create a little container in your own balcony which your kids could fill up with water!

Normal tools can also be very simple to create and these tools can be utilized in many different methods. You are not only going to develop a exceptional bit of nature artwork, however you will even use the natural tools all around your house regular to produce beautiful pieces of artwork of your personal.

Paint brushes: Make a wild flower and set it onto a wall socket and earn a circle with your paintbrush. Subsequently take the flip side and make an image of you along with your child looking at a chair made out of wood.

Wooden toys are also quite adaptable. They can be utilised to beautify a tree, a fencing, the front door, and even a bench exterior. Wooden toys can likewise be employed to embellish your own kitchen, lawn or the lawn itself.

Kiddies will enjoy playing with wooden toys since they’re therefore lasting and incredibly appealing to check at. They will also love these because of the terrific atmosphere that they get when having fun with the natural items.

Nature crafts and arts are great for anybody only because they help to conserve the entire world and also help kids learn about the organic environment. Children adore the feel of all-natural elements and the feeling to be out doors.

Nicholas Sparks’s The Choice movie premiere & red carpet

2.2.16 The star-studded premiere of The Choice took place last night at the Arclight Hollywood and we have the red carpet report for you here. Natalia and Mick attended with director Ross Katz and the brilliant cast of the movie: Ben Walker, Tez Palmer, Maggie Grace, Alex Daddario and Tom Welling. Our friend and stunning actress Sasha Alexander joined us on the red carpet with a host of other Hollywood luminaries. The movie hits theaters this Friday 2/5 and we can’t wait for you to see it! It is such a special picture and Daylight sounds so good in it! Ben and Teresa (Travis & Gabby) have the most onscreen chemistry of any Nicholas Sparks stars since The Notebook.

‘DAYLIGHT’ on the soundtrack of THE CHOICE!

10.1.15 Thrilled to report that Mick and I just wrote our first song especially for a movie soundtrack. A gorgeous romantic Nicholas Sparks story The Choice, directed by the amazing Ross Katz (Taking Chance) and shot entirely in the breath taking landscapes of North Carolina. This film is such a beauty! and a romance that will sweep you off your feet. We are proud to be a part of this phenomenal project and can’t wait for you to hear our song on this soundtrack!

Honoring Paul’s memory

12.12.13  I can’t believe how much has changed since my last post. I was happily excited about a beautiful new video we just filmed to my song from the Hours soundtrack – and amazing new movie starring an incredible actor, a friend and one of my all time favorite people. We were so thrilled to show a peek at Hours and at just how unforgettable Paul Walker is in it. The song is melancholy, the video an ode to love lost and one man’s life defying struggle. Just a few week later it becomes a farewell.

All profits from the All I Feel Is You single will benefit Paul’s first responder organization Reach Out WorldWide.

Goodbye sweet friend

Long Ago and Oh So Far Away

I was looking through old family photos the other day and was confronted by all these images from the days long gone, each one a memory, not all of them mine, every one connected to a tender spot in my heart.

Oscar Nite 2005

This photo was taken by one of my favorite photographers, the great Sante Dorazio. We were all having a great time when Sante pulled one of those disposable cameras off the table and started snapping. It only goes to show that nothing stops a true talent.

One Great Afternoon

This scene took place one very hot afternoon a few Summers ago during my first recording session. We were all so tired and over-worked we were practically delirious. We took a break and came up for air. But it was so hot that the air stood still. And then I swear the most amazing thing happened and time stood still for a moment too. It was one of those times when you feel how great it is to be alive and that everything is good with the world – hot weather, cold beer, freshly baked cake and all.

Podworko and Other Magical places

Podworko is what we called Auntie Bietka’s back yard. She is this amazing country woman from Wroniawy near Wolsztyn, one year short of a century old, whose wit and simple wisdom are as sharp today as ever. Her little backyard was always covered with a carpet of chamomile flowers, their scent so beautiful and sweet, especially in the early evening. There were always chickens in Auntie Bietka’s podworko, dogs and cats and little kids from up and down the street. She used to bake the most unbelievable cakes. For a big city kid like myself a visit to Auntie Bietka’s podworko was a rare taste of the country, an insight into an old way of life almost completely gone away. One day I took photos of her yard and I am so glad I did, because she does not live there anymore but I can still see it and remember. The rest of the photos were taken on a trip from our Summer house in Poland to the seaside. The storks love that country and live in proud harmony with the local folk. You can’t see it so well here, but the wheat covered the fields with pure spun gold as far as the eye could see and it shone brightly in the sun. The most extraordinary sight.